Sample Lesson Plans

It can help to see sample lesson plans that show the sequence and integration of activities within lessons. 


This tool shows four important conversation skills, their icons, and sentence starters to help students engage in purposeful and extended interactions.

Math Constructive Conversation Skills Poster (PDF)
This tool helps students build four key conversation skills for working together on math ideas and problems.

Argument Balance Scale Visual Organizer - 2D (3D version
This visual helps students to evaluate and weigh the evidence for and against two different positions

Math Paired Conversation Protocol (PDF) 
This tool guides pairs through an effective conversation to collaboratively solve complex math problems.

Argumentation Activities 
This set of activities helps students practice their abilities to build and challenge ideas using evidence-based reasoning.

Criteria Bar Graph
This visual helps students to visually show and explain how well evidence meets certain criteria for an issue.

Causes & Effects Visual Organizer (PDF)
This visual helps students to engage in cause and effect thinking and assign values to their ideas.


Stronger & Clearer Each Time Overview
This overview describes how to help students build language and content as they talk with successive partners

Opinion Formation Cards
This activity provides students with an opportunity to build language as they talk with successive partners to strengthen their opinions on an issue.

A-B Information Gap Cards
This activity requires students to take a side of an issue and use new vocabulary and syntax to argue and negotiate with a partner.

Think-Pair-Share Tips
This set of tips helps both teacher and students to maximize the value of pair-shares.

Communicativeness Design and Observation Tool 
This tool helps teachers to use three features of communicativeness to improve language development activities.​


Wide-Angle Reading Frame
This visual helps students to create a mental framework before and during reading in order to keep the purpose(s) of the text in mind.

Comprehension Target
This visual helps students to evaluate the usefulness of thoughts that emerge during reading and listening.

Anticipation Guides
Helps students to predict and justify their predictions for reading.

Figure out the Figuratives
This visual helps students to see the connections between the figurative expression and what it is describing. figure

Literature Theme Organizer
This visual helps students to see ways in which to generate and support multiple themes from different types of texts.

Narrative Structure Map
This visual helps students to organize events in a typical narrative.

ABC Inference Table
This visual helps students to make inferences while reading.

Cause-Effect Diagram
This visual helps students to infer causes and effects in history, science, and literature-based texts.


Math Reasoning and Argumentation Analysis Tool

Conversation Analysis Tool 

Oral Output Observation Tool

Reading Comprehension Observation Tool

Academic Language Dimensions and Features Chart

Visual tool for identifying language demands to create language objectives


Inquiry Cycle Diagram

This visual tool shows the reflection cycle with a backward-planned inquiry in the center, and is useful for engaging in iterative evidence-based cycles of growth and improvement

Visual for Aligning 8 Dimensions of PD