New York City Schools Session on January 10, 2018

January 10 Slides (2 per page)

Constructive Conversation Skills Poster (PDF)
This tool shows four important conversation skills, their icons, and sentence starters to help students engage in purposeful and extended interactions.

Conversation Observation & Analysis Tool

Cards for Supporting Conversations
These cards are used by a third observer to help conversing students to strengthen their conversation.

If-When Chart for Supporting Conversations

Turkish Information Gap Activity
This is an example of A-B forms for oral bridging of information gaps.

Stronger & Clearer Each Time Overview
This overview describes how to help students build language and content as they talk with successive partners

Opinion Formation Cards
This activity provides students with an opportunity to build language as they talk with successive partners to strengthen their opinions on an issue.

A-B Information Gap Cards
This activity requires students to take a side of an issue and use new vocabulary and syntax to argue and negotiate with a partner.

Think-Pair-Share Tips
This set of tips helps both teacher and students to maximize the value of pair-shares.